FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

To understand a little about our FUE transplant technique, we must go back to the past (for the majority still present) in which the FUT (Follicular Unit Transfer / Follicular Unit Transfer) technique was used. This technique allowed to shorten the treatment time and increase the number of transplanted follicular units from hundreds to thousands vs. older techniques. However, the FUT technique has several disadvantages. The main ones are: presence of an unsightly linear scar behind the head, healing time is longer and patients feel pain.

By introducing FUE, these problems were resolved. As its name indicates the extraction of follicular units involves extracting unit by follicular unit. An automated micromotor facilitates the task being able to extract more than 5,000 hairs per session. By avoiding cuts and pulling hair by hair, the possibility of scarring in the donor area (occipital) is eliminated, hence pain and delayed healing, infection, as well as other complications present when using old techniques.

The implantation of each follicle is done by making micro incisions in the scalp and implanting the follicle with micro tip tweezers and other specialized instruments. Each follicle can have 1 or more hairs and the distribution when implanting is done carefully.