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The Hair Clinic
LANDING1 - About us
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The Hair Clinic

About us


Develop and maintain a Medical Center dedicated to the study, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of different facial, body and hair aesthetic alterations as well as health maintenance.


We provide diagnostic techniques and treatments of the highest quality and the most advanced technology in aesthetic and capillary medicine. Having the latest and latest available is part of our goal. We keep in mind that the best aesthetic results only occur when the result is natural in appearance. This is our goal in the end. Safety and effectiveness is our premise.

Dr. Teófilo

Dr. Teófilo I. Djemal M., M.D.

Hello! I am Dr. Teófilo I. Djemal M., M.D., a suitable Panamanian doctor, creator and promoter of The Aesthetic Group. I have had the good fortune to study, train and work together with various doctors at national and international level with the aim of properly training and offering an updated practice, in a beautiful and innovative market, in a controlled and safe environment.


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– Bachiller Ciencias y Letras – Instituto Alberto Einstein

– Surgeon Medic – Columbus University

– National Course of Aesthetic Medicine SOARME endorsed by the Argentine Society of Aesthetic Medicine

– PASAM Pan American Course of Aesthetic Medicine endorsed by the Pan American Society of Aesthetic Medicine

– International Certificate of Anti-Aging Medicine endorsed by Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine International Society

– Diplome International de Medicine Esthetique endorsed in Paris by the Union Internationale de Medecine Esthetique

– Diploma in Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine endorsed by the Argentine University John F. Kennedy

Courses and Seminars

– III AEMP Scientific Conference “Integration of Research in Medical Training”

– VI Central American Congress of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

– III National Congress of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

– XIV International Scientific Congress of FELSOCEM

– VII Congress of Medical Students of Panama

– Basic Life Support Course (BLS) by the updated American Heart Association

– XVI UIME World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine

– Training workshop on BOTOX application techniques in hyperhidrosis, Bogotá, Colombia. Dr. Jorge Eduardo Aristizabal

– Training workshop on SURGIDERM application techniques, Bogotá, Colombia. Dr. María Bernarda Vergara

– DEKA training in Laserlipolysis techniques.

– III Medical Seminar for Trauma Update Hospital Santo Tomás (HST) – Hadassa – National University of Panama

– Training certified by MEDICAMAT, France, in the F.U.E. for Automated Hair Transplant

–  IV Trauma Update Medical Seminar, HST – Hadassa – National University of Panama

– Buttock Lifting Course with Tension Threads XXIII Pre-International Congress of Aesthetic Surgery

– XXIII International Congress of Aesthetic Surgery Mexico, DF

– Augmentation Gluteoplasty Course with Hyaluronic Acid, Robles Clinic

– V Medical Seminar Update by Trauma, HST – Hadassa – National University of Panama

– IV International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine COLCOME

– Gynecomodelation Practical Course, Societa Colombo Italiana di Aesthetic Medicine

– Workshop Application of Hyaluronic Acid in Buttock Rejuvenation, Societa Colombo Italiana di Aesthetic Medicine

– Course of Facial Volumization and Rejuvenation of hands and feet with Redensified Hyaluronic Acid and Hydroxyapatite from Calcium, Robles Clinic, Buenos Aires, Argentina

– XXVIII Central American and Caribbean Congress of Dermatology

– First SOLCOME Trichology Symposium

– ISAPS Endorsed Body Sculpting Congress Focused on abdomen and buttocks.