Alopecia and Treatment

Trichology is the field that studies hair and its conditions. According to trilogy studies; in capillary disorders the final result will be partial or total alopecia.

More than 60% of men and 50% of women suffer from androgenic alopecia and irreversible hair loss. Other causes of alopecia are those caused by chemical agents, environment, medications and inorganic foods.

We know well that psycho-emotional stress is not something we should ignore. On the part of our patients it is the primary reason when looking for solutions. For our part it is by offering treatment.

There are different treatment modalities; from the charlatanerías to which they call “treatment” and we find everywhere until the real treatments; Nutritional, drug, biological and hair transplant therapy. Within all, transplantation is the only definitive treatment to date.

Hair loss has become increasingly a general problem. Patients in search of a true solution are commonly abused by unsuitable staff. These individuals usually offer dangerous treatments. These “treatments” can be topical or injected (invasive) and are characterized by a lack of scientific basis and quality control. Vegetable products not studied and medications without records are the most commonly used products for these truculent practices.

We advise our patients, and those who are not, to never accept packages that do not include the ingredient list on their labels for safety reasons. Not even if these products are offered by qualified doctors should they be accepted. Knowing what they apply to or apply to us is the responsibility and right of each one. Accepting unknown products can have negative, serious and sometimes irreversible or fatal consequences.

As responsible professionals we care about offering EFFECTIVENESS AND SAFETY above all.

Effective drug therapy only inhibits hair loss temporarily and is not effective in all cases. Compared there are effective therapeutic options less invasive than transplantation. However, they drain our patients’ pocket unlimitedly and eventually end up voluntarily suspending. When these therapies are suspended, hair loss returns to its active course so that alopecia will reappear and progress. The only definitive treatment known to date is hair transplantation. The results are final and permanent.

“Hair transplantation, among all the aesthetic medical treatments is one of the treatments or perhaps the treatment that most positively alters the image”.

In the last 10-15 years, a new hair transplant technique was introduced to the market. The FUE technique (Follicular Unit Extraction) has allowed our patients to offer better results, a more comfortable, less painful procedure and superior aesthetic results. With the modified FUE technique we can now increase the survival of the implants and implant more follicles per cm². This is summarized in a greater number of hairs (almost 100%) implanted successfully, as well as in aesthetic results of natural appearance.

FUE hair transplantation is the best option to treat androgenic alopecia and scarring alopecia such as alopecia areata, congenital alopecia, radiation-induced alopecia, burn sequelae, loss of eyebrows and / or eyelashes, loss of beard and / or mustache, and to hide certain marks on the skin.

The result is simply the best possible result to obtain.

It is a fact that both the personal and professional lives of our patients are improved after undergoing such a procedure.

We invite you to schedule a medical evaluation appointment to offer and explain your best treatment options face to face in a personalized way.

In terms of alopecia … “Transplant is not everything, it is almost everything”