The radiofrequency applied to the skin produces controlled heating. Warming the skin with proper temperature control promotes the formation and repair of collagen. This is how we achieve a lasting Lifting effect.

One of the most used techniques in our arsenal is Radio Frequency. As well as sound, light and electricity, radiofrequency is a type of electromagnetic energy. When applying Radiofrequency on the skin, we seek to raise the temperature of the dermis until it is in the range of 55º-65ºC and on the surface, in the epidermis, of about 40º-42ºC. It is in this range that heat and controlled inflammation reshape and promote the production of new collagen to tighten the skin and restore its tone.

It also promotes lymphatic drainage and fat mobilization by this route, promotes vasodilation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue which facilitates nutrition and metabolic exchange at this level. This is why it is also useful for removing fat.

It is combined with Ultracavitation frequently. It is also associated with other fat-destroying treatments because by leaving an empty space where there was fat before, it is necessary to collect and tighten the skin to avoid sagging and obtain the best aesthetic result.

There are different types of radio frequencies. Depending on the area of ​​application it can be body or facial. Depending on the number of poles it can be unipolar, bipolar or multipolar. The number of poles and the distance between them determines the depth and distribution of the energy applied. There are also different modalities that vary according to power, desired effect and applicator.