Stretch marks is a lesion characterized by atrophy, alteration of the fibrous tissue, in the positioning of the collagen fibers in the skin. It is difficult to treat but it is possible to improve its appearance, its texture and its coloration. There are different modalities with which they can be treated.

The management of stretch marks as well as cellulite are difficult and there are few really effective therapeutic modalities. It is common to find everywhere “treatments” and creams for these conditions being in the majority, but in all cases, quackery.

For stretch marks we offer the combination of 2 modalities; Radiofrequency Fractionated with Microneedles and PRP. Fractionated Radio Frequency, as we explained, will produce microburns, microlesions surrounded by healthy skin responsible for the regeneration of these microlesions in the treated area. In this way, by applying the treatment in the stretch mark area, we will be stimulating the reconstruction of damaged skin from new skin. The PRP to provide growth factors will be an excellent ally in skin regeneration, this skin being younger and of better quality.

Other treatment modalities that may be included are the application of retinoic acid peels and dermabrasion. Both treatments also look for a skin replacement in the treatment area.

The result will be an improvement in texture, surface and color.

Cost: Session from $250 – Package from $800