Chemical facial peeling or chemical ablation of the face is a treatment based on the application of various chemical agents alone or in combination on the skin of the face. These agents are characterized by differing in variables such as power and depth. Thus, they produce controlled destruction of the different skin layers according to depth. The goal is to cause a regeneration or remodeling of the skin without leaving scars. Improves texture and surface defects. The new skin will look young and radiant.

The use of scrubs is not new. There are records from ancient Egypt that describe Cleopatra taking sour milk baths to rejuvenate the skin. Sour milk contains lactic acid which is used in Peelings today. There are also records in France of women taking stale wine baths with the same effect thanks to tartaric acid in its composition.

Peels are classified according to their depth into very superficial, superficial, medium and deep. There is a wide variety of products for peelings.