Ultracavitation is a technique used in Aesthetic Medicine to permanently destroy fat. It is also called “liposuction without surgery.” It is a body shaping technique that allows treating different areas of the body such as abdomen, flanks, back, thighs, arms, bra line and others.

Ultracavitation is based on Ultrasound. In the case of Ultracavitation the frequency or speed of vibration is much higher than in conventional ultrasound and its power is also greater.

Its mechanism of action consists in the transmission of said waves from the outside of the skin to its interior, towards the fatty layer or hypodermis where such high vibration will produce changes in the interstitial liquid forming gas microbubbles that will eventually implode. It is at this point that the energy capable of causing adipocyte death is released, thus destroying the permanently treated fat.

It is good to remember that for optimal effect we must use appropriate equipment, managed by suitable personnel. Not all teams that promote themselves as Ultracavitation really are. It is usually accompanied by radio frequency.