Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers are basic tools in aesthetic medical practice. They serve to provide lost volume especially in facial furrows. It serves to reduce furrows and wrinkles, also to shape and mold certain facial and body areas.

The application of Fillers has become one of the most requested procedures in the area of Aesthetic Medicine. It is one of the best anti-aging treatments at present, being this minimally invasive. With age, the skin becomes thinner and loses subcutaneous fat. The result is the combination of a loose skin with loss of fat that sustains it. The skin is thinned and furrows and wrinkles appear with an aged appearance. The fillers act by returning the volume to facial tissues that have been lost with age or simply want to contour to beautify. They can be applied on face or body.

In The Aesthetic Clinic the only type of Fillers we use is Hyaluronic Acid,

Since it is the safest. The AH is a substance produced by the body, when applied does not produce allergy as it is recognized as its own. Safety comes first. In the past, biopolymers such as silicones were used, animal and human collagen was also used. The first AH was extracted from the crest of roosters with certain disadvantages. Today the AH we apply is synthetic and has advantages being easy and safe to apply. This substance does not produce allergic reactions or granulomas if it is not mixed with biopolymers to reduce its cost. It is common to receive patients with complications, who do not know what substance they applied in the past. We always recommend that you apply when you go to the procedure wherever it is, it is your responsibility.

The application of Hyaluronic Acid has displaced invasive facial rejuvenation procedures for its safety, ease of application and better results than surgery in most cases.

As soon as we achieve an AH that lasts long enough in deep tissues, breast augmentation will also be available without surgery.

As long as the appropriate filler is chosen and this is applied by a properly trained doctor, the application of facial and body fillers will be safe and effective. A good result is a result of natural appearance. The goal is not to increase tissues indiscriminately, the goal is to correct defects and respect the image of our patients. We are aware that the increase in volume is a sensitive issue that demands knowledge, training and adequate care to provide the best results to our patients.